About CCRM Sponsorship Program

The Consortium brings to the table intellectual capital and world renowned expertise, an external expert network, a broad spectrum of industry relations, executive courses, and individual consulting services. To insure that the Consortium remains focused, the number of sponsors will be limited to twenty for the first three years. A list of current founding sponsors is included on the back of this brochure. CCRM’s annual operating budget comes from corporate sponsors in insurance/reinsurance and securities corporations, emerging technologies corporations, and national and international government agencies. The remainder is from research grants and special projects as well as Columbia University matching funds.


Ace Limited
Bermuda Stock Exchange
Centre Solutions (Bermuda) Limited
Karaindros Marine Hull Insurance Brokers
Lasalle Re Limited
Renaissance Reinsurance Ltd.
Willis Faber Re
U.S. Air Force Office of Research

Benefits of Sponsorship

CCRM funds support basic and applied research, publications, seminars and executive courses by faculty, post-does, and graduate students on the theory, assessment, reduction, and management of risk and dissemination of the results. A list of activities and products is provided at right.
Executive courses in risk management, financial engineering, and natural hazards of interest to sponsors
Input into research projects and products of the Consortium
Participation in spin-off corporations run in parallel with the Consortium, and proprietary work (without limitation) with individual sponsors on special projects
Annual meeting for sponsors, including presentations of research in progress at the Consortium
Direct assistance from the Consortium on proprietary (within university limitations) and non-proprietary problems and datasets
Access to website and newsletter
Access to worldwide expert
Networks and databases
Access to post-doctoral researchers
Recruiting events

Become a Sponsor

Please contact Graciela Chichilnisky to become one of our sponsors.
Executive courses and conferences in:
Principles of risk management
Portfolio management and securitization of catastrophic exposure
Prediction and management of chaotic risk
Applications of game theory for strategic portfolio planning
New accounting procedures for environmental and health risks
Merging of scientific data with financial instruments for crop insurance risks
Hedging El Nino related risks
Hedging global environmental risks
Customizing derivatives for climate risks
Slicing risk for portfolio analysis and diversification
Legal and economic Assessments and Expert Support Market Risk Analysis
Company Specific Risks
Recruiting Events


El Nino index
Weather indices
Catastrophe bundles
Portfolio management of catastrophic exposure
Securitization of corporate risk
Financial and insurance technologies such as:
– Catastrophe bundles
– Publication series
– Electronic and print newsletters and journal articles